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  Product Hat Tip: Pointman HQ - A new field accounting system you need to check out!
By: Dave Squires, President, August 29, 2018
If you haven’t already ‘drank the Kool-Aid’ and committed to a remote field-based accounting system, there’s a new kid on the block you must see. The company is called Pointman…

  Google and Voice Search
By: Tom Waddington, GMB Top Contributor, reprinted February 28, 2018 with permission
With the huge push into voice search, I thought it would be good to go over where it’s going. Obviously, Amazon, with its Alexa device, will forever be a play-to-pay option for contractors. But what about Google? Google is…

  Millennials… Every generation has its ‘unemployables’
By: Mitch Ortenburg, CSR Manager & SEO Specialist; April 25, 2017
Recently, I was attending a marketing conference down in Florida, when I witnessed something that I absolutely have to share. Full Disclosure: 1 This is biased against my own generation but should …

  How we finally got a handle on our company’s health care costs
By: Dave Squires, President, February 23, 2017
Every business faces the challenge of managing health care costs. These costs will likely remain high even with Congress looking at changing the Affordable Care Act since they are talking about …

  Do You Have More Domain Names than You Need?
By: Kerry Darden, Marketing and Administrative Support Specialist, January 18, 2017
We often have people ask us about owning multiple domains. Some have amassed a deep and broad assortment. They want to know if they should keep all the domains they've acquired. If you're not sure why you have domains you've registered, it's probably a good time to stop and …

  Are You being 'Had' by Your Registrar?
By: Kerry Darden, Marketing and Administrative Support Specialist, November 23, 2016
When it comes to domain services available through registrars, it's smart to know what each does and what your real need is for any service before purchasing it. Registrars are happy to sell you every service you will buy. And, while most people can …

  The Highly-Avoidable Dangers of Neglected Domain Maintenance
By: Kerry Darden, Marketing and Administrative Support Specialist, October 20, 2016
If you choose to maintain your website's domain name through your own registrar account, be aware it's a job that requires a minimum level of ongoing attention. Your registrar will use the Administrative Contact email address for your…

  Unless your last name is "Stock", lose the 'Stock' family photo on your website!
By: Colleen Keyworth, Sales & Training Consultant, September 13, 2016
Using nothing but stock photos on your company's website is just like leaving the example family in the picture frames you buy for your home. They're not real and they are not you! People buy from people they know, people they like, and people who are like them! In a day and age where just about every…

  Keeping Your Website Organized and Focused
By: Sarah McFadden, Graphic and Web Design, July 7, 2016
We live in a world where virtually everyone has instant access to the World Wide Web through a computer, phone, or even a smart watch. Due to this increase in access over the last decade, the need for an amazing website is no longer a luxury—it is a…

  How Stable is Your Relationship with Your Browser?
By: Josie Bassett, Customer Support Specialist, July 7, 2016
There are five top spots in the Internet browser world. For the purpose of this article we will only be visiting the top three (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome). I would, however, be negligent, in not at least mentioning that…

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