Job Seekers Find Good, Fast Return on Educational Investment in HVAC Industry

HVAC tech jobs pay better than other popular careers requiring more schooling

According to the Department of Labor Statistics, HVAC technicians make more than several other popular careers requiring more schooling. With the typical HVACR program taking two years to complete, graduates with a certificate can get in the field quickly, start earning, and more easily get out from under their lesser college debt. If working at a desk is not for you and you like troubleshooting, working with your hands and direct customer contact, becoming an HVAC technician may be a good fit for you. And, it’s not just for men–each year, the number of women entering and graduating these programs has been increasing.


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Spokane HVAC
3 years ago

I can personally attest to the value of a career as an HVAC Technician. I love my career choice and enjoy owning my own business

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