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Becoming the Company Everyone Likes, Remembers and Wants
—and a sneak-peek at what we’ve been working on for over a year!!
By: Dave Squires, President, August 29, 2018
Face it, anyone who has ever tried to market a contracting company needs to realize that the greatest challenge is that we sell really boring crap! I’m sorry if this is somehow breaking news, but most consumers typically never even think about their water heater, furnace, or air conditioner until it stops working—and by then it’s too late to actively market to them. How many thousands of dollars has your company spent sending potential customers marketing that you wouldn’t even open or look at if you weren’t in the trade? If you don’t believe me, ask yourself how many of the four to five car insurance offers mailed to you every month you opened and read in the last year. I’m betting your answer is none. So, what makes your stuff any different except that you’re the one paying for it?

I’m not saying that investing in outbound marketing never accomplishes anything. But, typically, the stuff we outbound market that pitches the “boring stuff’ we sell only really gets noticed by one person out of every 400 we

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Are All Review Acquisition Platforms Created Equal?

By: Mitch Ortenburg, CSR Manager & SEO Specialist; August 29, 2018
I think that such a loaded question as this could be equated with Are all HVAC companies created equal? The answer is obvious but, still, the topic of our discussion today is as important to you as the follow up question is to your potential clients – What sets them apart? There are a few dimensions you should take into account when considering your options.
  • Ease of use & automation
  • Where do the reviews go?
  • Does it do post-request vetting?
  • “Fringe” benefits
  • Who do these reviews actually benefit?
Before we dive into these, for full disclosure purposes, let me say that we are huge advocates for Nearby Now as well as resellers of the review acquisition platform. We believe it’s the best balance of all these dimensions and have


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Product Hat Tip:  A new field accounting system you need to check out
By: Dave Squires, President, August 29, 2018
If you haven’t already ‘drank the Kool-Aid’ and committed to a remote field-based accounting system, there’s a new kid on the block you must see. The company is called Pointman, and their website is Besides the fact that, like the other systems out there, they have a very robust, QuickBooks-based, field-deployable product, their price point absolutely blew me away—especially for the small contractor. A lot of companies tell you they are about helping their clients grow, but when they told me the system is totally free for small companies with just 1-2 users—that grabbed my attention. Even if your company can’t take advantage of their free offer, at three users and above, the $39/user/month price is well below what you typically see.

Being the professional skeptic that I am when something sounds too good to be true, I scheduled a full demo of the product to see what they offered. I was extremely impressed. However, since this is the same company that developed the remote version of SuccessWare21, I shouldn’t have been surprised. As I went through the demo, it was obvious this wasn’t their first rodeo. All the industry field knowledge and experience that went into their SuccessWare21 product was evident as I saw what Pointman could do. But don’t take my word for it—go through a demo on your own. --dave

PS: For transparency sake, Online-Access makes nothing from this endorsement ...other than I did negotiate real hard to get a large percentage of the monthly price from any contractor who qualifies to use their product for free. wink
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