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Gross Margins and Net Profit Percentages Don’t Matter

I hear contractors brag about their bottom-line percentage or their gross margin percentage.  Neither of these percentages really matter.  What matters is the bottom-line dollars or that the gross margins are consistent. Bottom-Line Percentages Those who talk about bottom-line percentages turn those percentages into dollars in their minds.  What were the actual bottom-line dollars?  That’s…

Text Me, Maybe?

Call Text Me, Maybe? First off, my apologies for getting that forsaken song stuck in your head, but I couldn’t think of a better segue into today’s topic. Over the last couple of years, Chat has taken our industry by storm. Whether you choose to manage it yourself or have a third party manage it…

Is the Future Pay-to-Play?

Google seems to be hinting at offering more paid-for options for businesses At the end of April, Google sent out a survey to some Google My Business users asking for which configuration of options they’d be willing to pay a monthly subscription. Here’s what it looked like: We’re going to talk at length about why…

FER Standards Will Result In A Shift To ECM

FER standards require furnace manufacturers to reduce furnace wattage by 46% over the average PSC furnace. To comply with these new regulations, manufacturers are shifting from induction blowers to electronically commutated motors (ECM). This leads to higher costs for anyone downstream. There are no laws limiting the continued sales of inefficient furnaces. What the New…

According to Google, your website’s load speed just tanked —but don’t panic when you see your test results.

Google recently decided to update its Google Page Speed Insights report. Companies that were consistently scoring in the 80s with their old tool, are now scoring in the 20s and 30s. The scoring is so heavy-handed, even Google’s sites (which use very minimalistic page styling) show poor scores! Their own News Site is scoring a 43—“slow” as of…