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Volume 10 - May 2017
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Jack of All Trades, Master of None:
Understanding Google’s stance on multi-service businesses

By: Mitch Ortenburg, CSR Manager & SEO Specialist; May 31, 2017
Contractors often will approach us and say “We’re adding _____ as a service.” (While I would rather us have that conversation before you pull the trigger, having it at all is a step in the right direction.) There are a couple of things to take into consideration when adding a new service. Many of them are inherently shared if you’re a company that already goes beyond the common pairing of “HVAC and Plumbing”. I’m not here to talk you out of it (since adding a new service can be extremely lucrative) but there are some things you should take into consideration before taking the plunge. Today, we’ll focus on three of the major ones that will have an impact in the real world and your ability to rank online for all your services.
Specialization = Trust
For those of you who do (or are thinking about doing) HVAC, plumbing…
and electrical… and insulation… and fireplace inserts… and general contracting… This section is dedicated to you!
By default, Google tends to give preference to companies which specialize in a specific service (or service family) when compared to your one-stop-shops. I


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This is something we're really excited to be introducing for our website customers.
Here are some questions you may ask:

What is it?
You know that little http that you sometimes notice at the front end of a web address? Well, https is a more secure version of that —a type of website data encryption.
This is something we're really excited to be introducing for our website customers.
Here are some questions you may ask:

Conquering Social Media

By: Natalie Ortenburg, Social Media Specialist, May 31, 2017
Let’s play a game. It’s one we’ve all played before. What’s the first word that comes to mind when I say Facebook? Difficult? Exhausting? Maybe even fear? If any of those words are where your mind jumps when I say Facebook, you are not alone.
Well, I’m here to tell you that Facebook and the rest of the social media clan doesn’t have to scare you away. You can beat the monster that is social media. Social media can go a long way to you being the first company that comes to mind when a customer needs help. To conquer social media there are a few easy steps to get you on the right track.
Know your audience. This is one of the biggest mistakes that many companies make when they are diving into social media. Initially, you’re going to want to conquer every person on Facebook. But, the truth is - you want to focus on one market. Who cares if Bob from Oregon likes your Facebook posts when you are a company working out of Florida? Bob isn’t going to call you to come fix his air conditioner. No, that’s Joe from down the street. Joe is your market. Focus on Joe.

Social media is supposed to be social. Your instinct can be to flood your Facebook page with industry-related posts. Don’t get me wrong, those posts

Maintenance Agreements Part 2
When it comes to Maintenance, you need to understand the animal in order to tame the beast!

By: Dave Squires, President, May 31, 2017
Before I go into strategies you can use to run your maintenance at a time that works for both your customers AND for you, I first need to cover the two main ways maintenance is sold by contractors. The two methods are to bill once a year, or to bill for the maintenance plan on a monthly basis. For most small companies, the annual billing plan is typically their initial go-to method, since it requires slightly less complexity and overhead to manage. Although I have heard of companies sending an invoice out to renew an agreement, the preferred way is to do the tune-up at the end of the agreement period so your tech can ask for the renewal personally. Companies billing monthly incur more office overhead to run the billing every month, as well as the extra time it takes updating the cancelled or expired credit cards that don’t go through every month.

There are, however, more upsides to billing monthly, than there are to selling annual agreements. Here are a few of the reasons monthly billing is better if you have the tools and capability to
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