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Volume 1 - June 2016

What's New!

By: Dave Squires, President

What's Going On at Online-Access

Hello from your team at Online-Access! So far, this year has been both hectic and exciting at Online-Access. I can only say God has blessed us. Last year, we experienced over 30% growth and are easily tracking at about the same this year. Online-Access also hit another goal this year by becoming the largest reseller of Nearby Now in our industry. The product continues to remain a powerhouse in providing local SEO rankings as well as improving "word-of-mouth" advertising for our clients.

Additionally, we continue to add new clients every week to the Social Media Management program we started at…

What Puppies have in Common with Your Maintenance Customers

By: Lori Smith, Online-Access Marketing Consultant
Last week I had a couple of experiences that got me thinking about our customers and how they must feel…

First, my vet called to schedule my puppy's exam. Naturally, I was busy and, when I saw who was calling, I let it roll over to my voicemail (just as our customers do). When I finally took the time to listen to the message, my first reaction was that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you know something's going to cost you–and cost you big.

I was thinking, "How much is it going to be this time?" (Just a side note here... my puppy is not exactly a young pup but a middle-aged dog with bad hips, bad knees, and arthritis).

My second thought was, "I'm just too busy right now – I don't want to take off work to deal with'yet' another appointment!"

In fact, I almost didn't call back. But, eventually, I did because I know that he needs to have regular vet appointments to keep him as healthy and as pain-free as possible. When I called back I was reminded that the exam is part of my dog's Optimum Wellness Plan and that it would not cost me extra. Yep, I have a maintenance plan for my dog and yet I forgot that it covered the exams…

Next, she reminded me that I could drop my dog off in the morning and pick him up at the end of the day. So, the appointment wouldn't interrupt my …


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Tell Them to Keep the Plaque

By: Mitch Ortenburg, SEO Specialist
Many of the companies I speak with are looking for the same thing – a silver bullet. In the SEO world, there really aren't many silver bullets to be found, however, the concepts to succeed are pretty straight-forward. One of them is to differentiate yourself from your competition. I wanted to share with you one of the more creative ways we've seen this done and to explain why it works.

Nottawasaga Mechanical, located in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, came to us with an idea about two years ago. They wanted to host a charity vote on their website, called Nottawasaga Gives Back. Now, you may be thinking, "Okay… other than showing people how nice of a company we are, what does that do for my business?" To answer that question, consider the following.

Notttawasaga Mechanical reaches out to a handful of charities in their area. They ask that each charity back-link over to their website and encourage their patrons to go to the website and vote. At the end of three months, they announce the winner of the charity vote and award them a donation of $1,000. The cycle then repeats itself.

This is marketing genius. Firstly, from an SEO perspective – you're getting high quality links from .org websites in which Google places a high value of trust (FYI, .edu websites are up there, too). Additionally, you're getting…

The Value of Being Social with your Customers

By: Emilee Caughel, Social Media Manager
Want to relate to your customers on a whole new level? Social Media allows you to connect with–and stay connected with–people on a social level. Remember, people want to do business with people they like, and with people who are like them. We can help you with that!

With our Social Media program, our goal is top-of-mind awareness of your brand for your customers. Your customers will not follow you if they going to be sold on HVAC products every single day on their social media feeds. We take the "social" in "social media" and truly embrace that your followers want to relate to you on a different level. Of course, we post your industry related items, e.g., seasonal specials, energy saving tips, and brand sponsored content. However, along with those, we have seasonal posts, local community events, jokes/memes, videos, recipes, DIYs, human interest stories/videos and other types of posts to keep your social audience interested. Just think: What catches your interest when scrolling through your own Facebook feed???

If you're keeping up with your social media yourself, on top of all the relatable posting you're doing, make sure to keep actual pictures of you and your people on your business page as well. Your customers want to see you recognizing your employees, customers, and…
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