The Value of Being Social with your Customers

Want to relate to your customers on a whole new level? Social Media allows you to connect with–and stay connected with–people on a social level. Remember, people want to do business with people they like, and with people who are like them. We can help you with that!

With our Social Media program, our goal is top-of-mind awareness of your brand for your customers. Your customers will not follow you if they going to be sold on HVAC products every single day on their social media feeds. We take the “social” in “social media” and truly embrace that your followers want to relate to you on a different level. Of course, we post your industry related items, e.g., seasonal specials, energy saving tips, and brand sponsored content. However, along with those, we have seasonal posts, local community events, jokes/memes, videos, recipes, DIYs, human interest stories/videos and other types of posts to keep your social audience interested. Just think: What catches your interest when scrolling through your own Facebook feed???

If you’re keeping up with your social media yourself, on top of all the relatable posting you’re doing, make sure to keep actual pictures of you and your people on your business page as well. Your customers want to see you recognizing your employees, customers, and your community regularly. Post about charities you are involved in or the local sports team you sponsor, and show that you are not only their HVAC business, but that you are also people (and people that they like). 

Take control over your social presence! Starting is as simple as creating a Facebook page for your business (if you haven’t already–and make sure it’s verified) and then having your friends, family, and employees like and share your page and content. When it comes to page creation and regular content posting, if you need help, subscribe to our Social Media program and we’ll have your back! 

Note: In addition to its social benefits, Online-Access has recommended that contractors create and maintain a Facebook presence in the last year since Google started publishing Facebook reviews in their search results and the vehicle has gained increased search engine optimization value.

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