What’s Going On at Online-Access

Hello from your team at Online-Access! So far, this year has been both hectic and exciting at Online-Access. I can only say God has blessed us. Last year, we experienced over 30% growth and are easily tracking at about the same this year. Online-Access also hit another goal this year by becoming the largest reseller of Nearby Now in our industry. The product continues to remain a powerhouse in providing local SEO rankings as well as improving “word-of-mouth” advertising for our clients. 

Additionally, we continue to add new clients every week to the Social Media Management program we started at the end of last year. The entire program is based on the reality that, “People do business with people like them—and with people they like.” It has proven to be a great affordable way to keep up your Facebook presence as well as put a “likable face” on your business for the customers to share and interact with. The biggest impetus behind our decision to create this program, however, is how Google now values Facebook pages since Facebook introduced reviews to their system. 

Because of all the growth we’re experiencing, don’t be surprised if you find yourself being served by a “new face” on the Online-Access team since we have just added additional support staff, as well as expanded our graphics department. As far as what’s new with Online-Access, it was great to finally and officially launch our new “MORE” program that we have been testing and building for the last six months. With our MORE program, we took the plunge and moved Online-Access to improve a company’s “Offline-Access” as well! We now have a department dedicated to coming alongside a company to not only improve, create, and implement marketing programs and systems into their business, but with the goal to train their people to manage their ongoing marketing on their own, without our help.

As far as what’s ahead, we have another new marketing tool that we’re currently testing that I’m extremely excited about because it will help engage visitors at your website to increase leads. Preliminary testing has been good; I hope to be able to introduce it to you all later this summer if it lives up to our expectations in our ongoing field trials. 

In closing, I just want to say thanks to you and to all our other customers for trusting us with your company’s web presence. Our success and growth over the years have come from the kind words and referrals we get from you. Our entire team and their families really appreciate you, and we enjoy the great relationships we have with so many of our clients. Thank you again, and enjoy the rest of the articles we’ve written to help you market your business.— Dave

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