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Maintenance Agreements Part 1

Are Your Maintenance Agreements Crippling your Business instead of Growing It? Would you believe I am a decent fortune teller and psychic? Seriously, I’m pretty darn good at predicting the future! I can predict with a lot of certainty that in the month of July you will be very, very busy, and sometime near the…

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Using Negative Reviews as an opportunity to improve your brand perception? — Yes, it’s completely doable. Few things can be as frustrating and infuriating as seeing a negative review of your company online. While it’s not anything you think you’d ever want to look forward to, it can be something beneficial for your company. I’d…

Do You Have More Domains than You Need?

Evaluating your domain name ownership to work smart and save money We often have people ask us about owning multiple domains. Some have amassed a deep and broad assortment. They want to know if they should keep all the domains they’ve acquired. If you’re not sure why you have domains you’ve registered, it’s probably a…

Home Shows Without Boxes

How to set-up, run, and have an enjoyable time putting on the easiest (and potentially most profitable) home show ever! When it comes to contractors and running booths at home shows, the old catch phrase, “ready… fire… aim!” is typically appropriate. I can’t tell you how many home shows I’ve attended, where a contractor’s ‘go-to’ plan consists…

I’m Not My Customer

Say it with me… “I. Am. Not. My. Customer.” I want to let you know, I put a great deal of thought into whether or not I would write this article because, being honest, who likes to be told they’re wrong? I know I don’t (just ask my beautiful, loving & patient wife). But the hunting…

Managing Expectations

Taking your customer satisfaction through the roof by understanding why people threw ‘tantrums’ after the election! If you have never received a bad online review, or feel ‘political correctness’ is a virtue, this article probably isn’t for you.  As part of our service, we do our best to help protect the online reputation of our clients. Having…