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Why Reviews Matter

When it comes to your website, Google is like Rhett Butler in ‘Gone with the Wind’ asking: “Frankly, madam… why should I give a dear?” Unfortunately, we live in a world that has come to rely on Google for all of its answers – from “where should we eat?” to “who should we call when…

Let’s Get Live!

Why you should take advantage of Facebook’s Engaging New Feature There are so many options when it comes to ways to connect with your Facebook audience! People are always craving something new, and knowing how big videos are in Social Media, Facebook now has a “Live” option. The possibilities for using this new feature are…

The ‘Day’ that Got Away!

At the beginning of June, my brother Dan and I made our annual pilgrimage deep into Northern Canada for a fishing trip to Lake Esnagi to fish for northern pike and walleye. Normally, after spending a day driving from Michigan’s Lower Peninsula up into Canada, we typically catch a float plane and fly in. However,…

Tell Them to Keep the Plaque

Many of the companies I speak with are looking for the same thing – a silver bullet. In the SEO world, there really aren’t many silver bullets to be found, however, the concepts to succeed are pretty straight-forward. One of them is to differentiate yourself from your competition. I wanted to share with you one…

What’s Going On at Online-Access

Hello from your team at Online-Access! So far, this year has been both hectic and exciting at Online-Access. I can only say God has blessed us. Last year, we experienced over 30% growth and are easily tracking at about the same this year. Online-Access also hit another goal this year by becoming the largest reseller…