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Volume 9 - April 2017
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Every generation has its ‘unemployables’

By: Mitch Ortenburg, CSR Manager & SEO Specialist
April 25, 2017
Recently, I was attending a marketing conference down in Florida, when I witnessed something that I absolutely have to share. Full Disclosure: 1 This is biased against my own generation but should provide you with some insight, hope, and a few laughs. 2 I have a BA in Psychology (my parents didn’t help me pay for it - one couldn’t, the other didn’t offer). That may have come off as arrogance, but I’m proud that my wife and I can work together to pay off each other’s college debt.

I was attending this three-day conference and, at the end of the first day, there was going to be about 90 minutes-worth of time for break-out roundtable sessions. You’d be able to sit in on four sessions of 20 minute discussions, allowing for a few minutes to get from table to table. One of the roundtables that was getting a lot of attention was regarding Millennials – Understanding them as Employees and Customers. Considering a majority of the room was small-to-medium business owners and marketers between the ages of 40 and 60, you can see why people were so eager to find out more about these enigmatic


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Are Your Maintenance Agreements Crippling your Business instead of Growing It?

By: Dave Squires, President, April 25, 2017
Would you believe I am a decent fortune teller and psychic? Seriously, I’m pretty darn good at predicting the future! I can predict with a lot of certainty that in the month of July you will be very, very busy, and sometime near the end of Fall/Winter season next year, I see your company slowing down dramatically. (That will be $10 bucks thank you…) If you want even more proof of my psychic ability, this should convince you. I also predict that you’re not buying my claim that I can really see into the future. (WOW! Forget fortune telling! With circular logic like that, I missed my true calling to go into politics.)

Ok… so maybe you think it’s obvious that HVAC guys are busy in July and slow in Feb/March. However, from the way I see companies manage their maintenance agreements—it obviously isn’t that obvious! From my perspective, when it comes to creating and managing maintenance agreements, the execution for most companies when they finally decide to do maintenance agreements is based on the, “READY… FIRE… AIM!” approach to management. Here, let me describe it to you:
Once upon a time there was a company called ABC Heating and Cooling
ABC Heating and Cooling was a fairly new HVAC company that survived its first year in business. The company had heard from everyone they talked to that the key to success in HVAC is that “You’ve got to have maintenance agreements,” Unfortunately, ABC Heating and Cooling either didn’t hear (or weren’t told) the rest of the formula that says, “… the agreements you sell need to be scheduled when you’ll need the work!” So, eager to be successful and get a lot of maintenance agreements, ABC Heating and Cooling goes back and ‘spiffs’ their technicians a bunch of money to sell ‘agreements’.
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