Let’s Get Live!

Why you should take advantage of Facebook’s Engaging New Feature

There are so many options when it comes to ways to connect with your Facebook audience! People are always craving something new, and knowing how big videos are in Social Media, Facebook now has a “Live” option. The possibilities for using this new feature are endless! 

When you go “live” on Facebook, it’s just what it sounds like a live, real time video of what is happening in your world. This could mean a lot for your business. Give your Facebook followers (which include your current and potential customers) a behind-the-scenes view of the office, or take them on a ride-along. You can even showcase ridiculous repair jobs, animal rescues in the field, or even units that have seen better days. You can even get your team involved and make something really fun for your followers to watch.Facebook live streaming can go up to a half an hour in length, and once the video is over, it saves to your company’s Facebook page so others can view it later if they missed it live. This newest social media feature is gaining a lot of popularity, and could be just the boost you need to get your followers interested in your company, who you are, and what you do. 

For more information, and how to get started with Facebook “Live” visit: https://live.fb.com/about/

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