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Volume 5 - October 2016


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A Dose of Dave: Go Figure!

By: Dave Squires, President, October 20, 2016

The answer to the labor crisis we all are facing wasn't 'right under our nose'–it's on top of it!

Face it, our industry is fast heading for a cliff with the increase in demand for skilled labor, the higher level of technical skills required, and the fact that a lot of the best older service techs are either retiring or finding other work because their knees are giving out. This shortage has not only put a strain on most contracting businesses, it has forced contractors to engage in a never-ending bidding war to go after the techs who are available.

With this occurring situation as a backdrop, I came across a new technology at ASHREA this year that I have been following that looks like it may offer a large part of the solution. The technology I'm referring to, is called telepresence


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The Case for Call Tracking

By: Brendan Squires, Analytics Specialist, October 20, 2016

The Best Tool for Evaluating Internet Marketing Performance

There are many different ways to determine whether your Internet marketing is working or not. You can look at website visitors behavior using tools such as Google Analytics. You can look at your Search Rankings in Google to see how well the site performs in local searches. If you are doing Adwords or other digital marketing, you can look at your Clicks versus the Impressions to measure your Click Through Rate (CTR). These are just a few out of a vast number of available tools that have been developed to help Internet marketers know how a website is performing. Each one of these tools represents a different piece of the marketing puzzle and is important for understanding how your business is performing online. But what is the best tool for an HVAC company to know if your Internet marketing is working or not?

As it turns out, the most valuable tool is one that actually predates the Internet by a number of years. What I am talking about is using tracking phone numbers. While many HVAC websites offer multiple methods for a potential customer to communicate with a contractor such as chat and email, the majority of customers are still reaching for their good, old-fashioned telephone when they contact you about a repair or estimate. Therefore, telephone calls are still going to be the best means to determine how your marketing is performing. Even online.

For a long time, Online-Access has been advising contractors against using call tracking on their websites. And for a long time this has been absolutely the best advice that we could give. The problem with tracking numbers is that they

The Highly-Avoidable Dangers of Neglected Domain Maintenance

By: Kerry Darden, Marketing and Administrative Support Specialist, October 20, 2016
If you choose to maintain your website's domain name through your own registrar account, be aware it's a job that requires a minimum level of ongoing attention. Your registrar will use the Administrative Contact email address for your domain to communicate with you about your domain. If you fail to receive or act on notifications from your registrar, you are inviting headaches that could have been easily avoided.

The importance of keeping your domain contact information current

When your registrar prompts you to review and, if needed, update the contact information associated with your domain, do it. It takes only a few seconds and is essential to receiving important notifications about your domain. This is especially important since email accounts tend to change over time and, for email, there is no forwarding service like with the postal service. If you use your domain for email, you usually get tipped off that it has expired when your email stops working. If you don't use your domain for email, a costly amount of time may pass before you discover that your domain goes to a parking page and your website has disappeared.

Each year, we see contractors who manage their own domain lose it because emails alerting them to their domain's impending expiration or need to update their credit card go to an obsolete email address. If a domain ends up expiring, registrars typically hold it for 30 days during which the last registrant will have exclusive right to renew it. Renewing it may be done at the standard rate or at a
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