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Volume 3 - August 2016

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A Dose of Dave: Save the Last Dance for Me

By: Dave Squires, President, August 3, 2016
I was privileged to be a part of something that doesn't happen all that often these days. In mid-July, my brother and I, as well as both our families, hosted a party to celebrate our mother's and father's 60th wedding anniversary. Their love and dedication to each other wasn't something that just happened. It was something that they actively worked at, prayed about, and made a priority their entire life together. Working with our father for over 30 plus years in the HVAC business, he made it a point almost daily to remind us that the meaning of life is never found in the business we build or the wealth we accumulate—but rather, in the relationships we have with God, our family and our friends.

He did not give this belief only lip service—he practiced it daily. Both my brother and I worked as technicians in the business before and while going to college. When we graduated, he offered us a part of the business. Against the advice of his accountant, he gave both Dan and I equal shares of ownership. When the accountant told him that's not how it's done, he replied, "If my sons want to cheat me—I'd rather know it now than later."

His faith and complete trust in us did more to drive us to grow the business and give us a sense of responsibility than had he followed the accountant's advice and 'dangled it like a carrot in front of a horse' to motivate us to work hard for him. He took the risk because he felt his relationship with us was worth more than the business he had built.

It was this same understanding of the importance of relationships that shaped our partnership over the last 30 years, making it successful as well as a joy to be a part of. As anyone who has ever been in a partnership knows, they can…
*Dave's father passed away August 3, 2016. He blessed many lives and will be dearly missed.


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3 Common Misrepresentations on Web Traffic Reports and How to Sniff Them Out

By: Brendan Squires, Analytics Specialist, August 3, 2016

3 Common Misrepresentations on Web Traffic Reports and How to Sniff Them Out

By: Brendan Squires, Analytics Specialist, August 3, 2016
It happens to me all the time: One of our customers calls up and is confused or suspicious about a report that they received from another online marketing agency. Sometimes it's the local yellow pages or it might be a third party company providing digital ad services. Whatever the situation, you should take these numbers with a grain of salt unless the data can be verified. There is good reason to be suspicious of what some web companies say about traffic because there are ways that the data can be misrepresented accidentally–and perhaps even deliberately–on website reports.
Certainly, there are web companies that do not misrepresent their data, but wouldn't it be great if you could learn the right questions to ask to know if you can trust these web companies or not? If you are in a situation where the numbers that a web marketing company show you seem too good to be true or do not match the amount of leads you get, then you may already have a problem that you didn't know about before. I want to help you know if you are being misinformed, so I have outlined some of the most common things I see being misinterpreted about web traffic.

It was this same understanding of the importance of relationships that shaped our partnership over the last
30 years, making it successful as well as a joy to be a part of. Misrepresentation #1: Having a lot of "Impressions" means that your online advertising is successful
Truth: Impressions have little meaning by themselves.

Do this:
next time you search something on Google, read the news online, or check Facebook, look around and see how many advertisements are on the webpage. There are probably ads in places you have never noticed before. When these ads are loaded onto the webpage, each ad receives one Impression. It doesn't matter if you look at the ad or not, it gets an Impression no matter what…

HVAC May Not Be Sexy…

By: Lori Smith, Online-Access Marketing Consultant,
August 3, 2016
I hate to break it to you, but not only is HVAC not sexy, but there's just not that much about your products that is different than what the HVAC guy down the street offers. Every blooming heating and air conditioning company sells equipment (and any company worth its salt offers pretty much the same types of services you do).

Heck, nowadays you can even buy HVAC while you're shopping at Lowe's, Home Depot and the 'bigger is better' Costco. And, to make matters worse, all your competition is one quick Google search away (might I add that Google even helps out by popping up your competition as suggestions even when they are looking for you).

Seems like just about every company offers the same things:
  • Quality Service
  • Lowest Price
  • Service All Makes & Models
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Fair Prices
Furthermore, advertising as the 'lowest price company' is risky business and a good way to 'kill' your bottom line. After all, customers who are always looking for the lowest price are the first ones to complain, have the highest call-back rates, and are the first ones to jump to your competitor the minute a…

Facebook Contests: Tapping Social Payback through Local Givaways

By: Emilee Caughel, Social Media Manager, August 3, 2016
People like free stuff! Well, I suppose that is a bit of an obvious statement, but how about, People like free stuff, and you can use that to your advantage?! What I am talking about is using this idea on your social media platforms, specifically your business Facebook page.

Contests are a big thing for companies right now. They are easy to set up, and don't take a whole lot of effort on your end to run one successfully. Potential customers will like your page, and engage in your post, if they are interested in winning a prize.

Prizes can be anything. You can keep the prizes industry-related by giving away services, community-related by giving away local business gift cards (or "swag"), or both. Here is an example of a contest in which the company used both services and local business prizes to gain page likes…
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