Facebook Contests: Tapping Social Payback through Local Giveaways

People like free stuff! Well, I suppose that is a bit of an obvious statement, but how about, People like free stuff, and you can use that to your advantage?! What I am talking about is using this idea on your social media platforms, specifically your business Facebook page.

Contests are a big thing for companies right now. They are easy to set up, and don’t take a whole lot of effort on your end to run one successfully. Potential customers will like your page, and engage in your post, if they are interested in winning a prize. 

Prizes can be anything. You can keep the prizes industry-related by giving away services, community-related by giving away local business gift cards (or “swag”), or both. Here is an example of a contest in which the company used both services and local business prizes to gain page likes. 

This is a great example of combining business and pleasure while highlighting 4 local business (including yourself)!

Some contests just appeal to the “pleasure” aspect of their customers. to the left is an example of a very fun contest that increased this company’s page likes, and really upped the activity on their social media: Prizes don’t even have to be this extravagant. Below is an example of a company who bought a Yeti cooler, filled it with their company-branded items, and some movie tickets and the response was incredible:

Notice that this particular contest reached almost 45,000 people once it was boosted, over 1,000 likes, and 700 comments. 556 shares means that this particular post was re-posted on that many potential customer’s Facebook pages where their friends and family could see it. All of this is very easy to do. 

Facebook contests take “likes” or “comments” for entries into a contest. Give your audience a designated time frame to enter, and let them know when you’ll be drawing your winner. The best way to do this is through the contest app right in Facebook. It’ll keep track of your likes or comments, and will draw a winner at random for you. This is the app we use to run contests for the companies signed up for our Social Media Program! 

Contests, and Social Media in general, is about top-of-mind awareness for your company. When a customer or potential customer needs service done, they want to choose a company they know, and that they trust. Running a contest like the ones shown can help keep you at the top of your customer’s minds and, one day when they need work done, they will think of—and call—you!

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