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 Becoming the Company Everyone Likes, Remembers and Wants
—and a sneak-peek at what we’ve been working on for over a year!
By: Dave Squires, President, August 29, 2018
Face it, anyone who has ever tried to market a contracting company needs to realize that the greatest challenge is that we sell really boring crap! I’m sorry if this is somehow breaking news, but most consumers typically never even …

 Reduce your Google Local Services Cost by 15%
How to finally get great customer service with Google Local Services…and reduce your cost of leads!
By: Dave Squires, President, May 16, 2018
In the English language, when conflicting and contradictory ideas are expressed as a single concept we call it an oxymoron. Terms like ‘Deafening Silence’, ‘Virtual Reality’, ‘Original Copy’, and the old stand-by ‘Military Intelligence’ are classic examples. However, for anyone who has ever attempted to …

 Google as the Gatekeeper
By: Dave Squires, President, February 27, 2018
In the last few months, I’ve written articles going over how Google is launching into local services. The first one covered how Google Local Services (GLS) was rolled out, and the second covered the potential impact and ramifications of GLS on the marketplace. From sources within Google, it appears…

 Taking on Online Equipment Sellers
By: Dave Squires, President, January 16, 2018
I can’t tell you how many times I read contractor posts, or hear contractors complaining about Online HVAC equipment sales. In most cases, the complaints are justified, simply because most homeowners don’t know the risks and the potential sacrifices they will make by not …

 Google Home Services and the Domino Effect
By: Dave Squires, President, October 11, 2017
In our August newsletter, I covered the release of the Google Home Services Program being launched by Google throughout the U.S. As it rolls out and more information becomes available, I thought it would be appropriate to give an update of the consequential fallout Google Home Services has created or will …

 Understanding the Difference Between Your Service Area and your Marketing Area
By: Dave Squires, President, September 5, 2017
Although it sounds great when people say the beauty of the Internet is that it lets you connect to everyone and everywhere, for a contracting business this statement has absolutely no connection with reality. Sure, your website can be found by a remote villager in Indonesia if he has a smart phone and WiFi …

 Google Home Services
Just when you thought you had Local Search figured out—Google brings out a new game board
By: Dave Squires, President, July 25, 2017
Brace yourself—Google is in the process of “changing the game board” again when it comes to generating leads through local search. For almost three years in the bay area of San Francisco, Google had been experimenting testing different approaches to directly compete against HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List, and getting into …

 Maintenance Agreements Part 2:
You need to Understand the Animal in Order to Tame the Beast!
By: Dave Squires, President, May 31, 2017
Before I go into strategies you can use to run your maintenance at a time that works for both your customers AND for you, I first need to cover the two main ways maintenance is sold by contractors. The two methods are to bill once a year, or to …

 Maintenance Agreements Part 1:
Are Your Maintenance Agreements Crippling your Business instead of Growing It?
By: Dave Squires, President, April 25, 2017
Would you believe I am a decent fortune teller and psychic? Seriously, I’m pretty darn good at predicting the future! I can predict with a lot of certainty that in the month of July you will be very, very busy, and sometime near the end of …

  An Alternative to Torches and Pitchforks when it comes to Online Equipment Sales
By: Dave Squires, President, February 23, 2017
On many contractor forums and message boards, there seems to be a lot of talk and anger being generated over Jim Abrams and Terry Nicholson’s new endeavor in the HVAC industry. If you’re not familiar with Jim Abrams, in the past …

  Home Shows Without Boxes
By: Dave Squires, President, January 12, 2017
When it comes to contractors and running booths at home shows, the old catch phrase, "ready… fire… aim!" is typically appropriate. I can't tell you how many home shows I've attended, where a contractor's 'go-to' plan consists of attempting to stuff his booth with more …

  Managing Expectations
By: Dave Squires, President, November 23, 2016
By understanding why so many people threw 'tantrums' after the election, you can take your customer satisfaction through the roof! If you have never received a bad online review, or feel 'political correctness' is a virtue, this…

  The Wolves are No Longer Dressing in Sheep's Clothing!
By: Dave Squires, President, September 13, 2016
For years, my advice to clients regarding YELP was to never be available when they call. The reasoning was that, as long as you hadn't officially heard the pitch and said 'no', they had no reason to punish you and mess with your reviews. Although YELP fervently and frequently denies that…

  Save the Last Dance for Me
By: Dave Squires, President, August 3, 2016
I was privileged to be a part of something that doesn't happen all that often these days. In mid-July, my brother and I, as well as both our families, hosted a party to celebrate our mother's and father's 60th wedding anniversary. Their love and dedication to each other wasn't…

  The 'Day' that Got Away!
By: Dave Squires, President, July 7, 2016
At the beginning of June, my brother Dan and I made our annual pilgrimage deep into Northern Canada for a fishing trip to Lake Esnagi to fish for northern pike and walleye. Normally, after spending a day driving from Michigan's Lower Peninsula up into Canada, we typically…

  What's Going On at Online-Access
By: Dave Squires, President, June 2, 2016
Hello from your team at Online-Access! So far, this year has been both hectic and exciting at Online-Access. I can only say God has blessed us. Last year, we experienced over 30% growth and are easily tracking at about the same…



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