Unless Your Last Name is “Stock”, Lose the ‘Stock’ Family Photo on Your Website

Using nothing but stock photos on your company’s website is just like leaving the example family in the picture frames you buy for your home. They’re not real and they are not you! People buy from people they know, people they like, and people who are like them! In a day and age where just about every cell phone offers a camera with quality similar to that of an actual digital one, there is no reason not to have actual pictures of YOUR business, trucks, signs, and most importantly your PEOPLE on your site. 

How critical is having a picture of you as the company owner on your website? Extremely critical. I can’t say enough that “People deal with People.” In a study where consumers were shown plumber websites that had a genuine photo of a business owner, a generic product or office photo, or no photo (just graphics and colors), 52 % of the people said they would choose the company whose site pictured the owner. When asked why, they said they felt it conveyed that he was proud of the work his company does.

When it comes to putting pictures of your people in your site, avoid making them look like mugshots where they forgot to hold up a number. You can do this by making sure that the person is doing something and don’t forget that smiling is important. NO one want’s to work with unhappy people. Here are some quick suggestions for the “bring your camera to work day” I hope you’re now planning:

List of Photos to take of your Business

On picture day at your business, you will want to have everyone dress in their best work attire, be clean shaven, wearing matching work shirts, etc. You’ll want to use natural light as much as you can and be outside as much as possible (avoid using fluorescent lights, extremely bright sun and shadows). Remember, these do not have to be taken by a “professional”. It can be your little sister, brother, niece, or anyone who has a decent eye and a nice camera on their smartphone. Just utilize the best person you reasonably can. Don’t forget to smile! : )

Great Basic Company Pictures:

  • Techs leaning against trucks in a natural, confident manner (arms crossed, etc.) by your branding on the truck or… Techs in front of your logo outside of the office
  • Group pic in front of your entire fleet of vehicles (staged properly, lined up) or out in front of the nicest truck you have
  • Photos of owners in a group and each individually
  • Photos of owner with family
  • Photos of the fleet by itself
  • Photos of the exterior of the building with sign, if possible

Extra Credit Pictures:

  • Photos of the your CSR (office) staff, both individual and group
  • Photos of CSRs answering phones (w/ staged poses)
  • Photos of owner at desk looking up and smiling
  • Photos of a tech leaning over an AC unit (staged)
  • Photos of a tech working on a furnace (staged)
  • Photos of a truck in front of a home with your tech at the door talking with a happy client (can be staged). Get permission from homeowner/actor to be pictured on your site.
  • Photos of a tech or comfort advisor (salesperson) speaking with a customer (staged)
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