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Volume 13 - October 2017
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Google Home Services and the Domino Effect
By: Dave Squires, President, October 11, 2017
In our July newsletter, I covered the release of the Google Home Services Program being launched by Google throughout the U.S. As it rolls out and more information becomes available, I thought it would be appropriate to give an update of the consequential fallout Google Home Services has created or will soon create for contractors involved in Search Marketing. However, in fair warning, if you like the information you’re given to be “soft and fluffy”… there are many other articles on Google Home Services out there you would probably enjoy reading a lot more—articles that won’t leave you with a slightly sick feeling when you’re done reading them like this one might. However, I will try to end it in a positive direction.

As those who know me can testify, I am not a pessimistic person by any means. However, sometimes it’s best to come right out and say a pig is a pig, versus putting lipstick on it to try and make others believe it is not. And that pretty much sums up where I find myself with Google Home Services. You see, what everyone else seems to be silent about, are the ramifications and consequences that will soon start falling like dominoes now that Google is making a play to position themselves as a gatekeeper between our contracting businesses and our customers. For those contractors dependent on using Search Engine Marketing (SEM), especially Pay-Per-Click (PPC), the future does not look very promising and here’s why.
Google Home Services and “the little guy”
To start with, let’s first look at how Google Home Services currently affects the small contractor operating out of a home and without a storefront. Often, smaller home-based contractors have enjoyed top billing on the Google map pack

How Google May Unlock your Business’s Back Door

…and invite your competitors in
By: Mitch Ortenburg, CSR Manager & SEO Specialist; October 11, 2017
If you were ever of the opinion that Google was a kind-hearted “we care about your businesses” organization, get that foolishness out of your mind now. They don’t care about you… they really only care about what consumers want and about making money. One of the ways they do that is through establishing social trust, reliance and getting “real-world input”.

It’s the “real-world input” that I want to focus on today. You see, Google is an information glutton. They figure, the more info they have, the better decisions they can make. While that makes logical sense, they don’t seem particularly good at distinguishing good info from bad info.
If a competitor was so inclined, they could feed bad info to Google, and Google would eat it up like everything else they take in. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t seem to either A) care, or B) be well equipped to vet whether the info they’re being feed is genuine.

Now, there are two ways specifically where Google can let people (like your competitors) potentially poison your Google My Business (GMB) listing by feeding Google with bad information. This first is by Google allowing general users to passively give direct feedback about the business via search. The other is by Google actively soliciting information about a business
Passive Feedback
I decided to pick on one of my favorite local businesses to describe to you just how easy it is for someone to suggest that some of the info on this listing is wrong. Now, once a user …


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