Nick is the newest employee to join our support team.
We’ve enjoyed getting to know him and think you will, too!


Nick Armstrong

Job Position:

Customer Support

What aspect of your job do you love most?

The thing I love most about being at OA is working beside the great crew here every day. The amount of guidance and support I have been receiving in my first two weeks here has been outstanding!

What are people often surprised to find out about you?

That I’m Canadian, eh!

Which is your favorite super hero or cartoon personality?

Boba Fett from Star Wars or Sterling Archer from Archer.

What is the longest-shot item on your life’s bucket list? (the least likely to happen)

Going into space.

If money were no object, what vehicle would be parked in your garage?

Millennium Falcon.

Nick’s Co-workers have Great Things to Say About Him:

– “Has a great sense of humor!” — Natalia Polewska

– “Nick is analytical, calm and intelligent.” — Mitch Ortenburg

– “Nick is a super-fast learner and has adapted to everything extremely quickly.” — Sarah McFadden