Employee Spotlight – Natalie


Natalie Ortenburg

Job Position:

Social Media Specialist

What special strengths do you bring to your role at Online-Access?

I have a passion for public relations. I even have a degree in public relations and one in business administration.

What aspect of your job do you love most?

I love getting to use my creative side through making custom content for customers. I get to let my obsessive organization skills work with the creative side on a daily basis.

What are people often surprised to find out about you?

That I am not quiet. When I meet people for the first time, I prefer to listen and learn about them first. But after, I never shut up (just ask my husband).

What is your favorite personality or cartoon character?

Batman – he isn’t technically a super hero, but he does extraordinary things with what he has been given in life (which is nowhere near what I have been given in life).

What is the longest-shot item on your life’s bucket list? (the least likely to happen)

Bungee jumping in New Zealand. Saw it in a magazine once and immediately added it to the list – thanks National Geographic.

If money were no object, what vehicle would be parked in your garage?

Either a Mini-Cooper or a Barracuda…depending on what mood I’m in. 

Natalie’s Co-workers have Great Things to Say About Her:

– “Natalie comes off as quiet at first but is very engaging and joyful once that barrier is broken! She is full of energy and always brings a smile to my face! “ — Sarah McFadden

– “Natalie is very upbeat and bubbly!” — Natalia Polewska