Employee Spotlight – Krysten


Krysten Allen

Job Position:

Start-Up Coordinator & Customer Support

What special strengths do you bring to your role at Online-Access?

I’m very personable and love to multi-task. I seek out new projects and ways to trouble-shoot problems. I see them as puzzles that need to be solved.

What aspect of your job do you love most?

Talking to customers and trouble-shooting problems. I have worked in customer service for over a decade and I love talking to new people. Helping people is the thing I love to do most.

What are people often surprised to find out about you?

I am a geeky gamer girl. I love my MMO’s and RPG’s. I used to play tabletop Dungeons and Dragons, and have a library with thousands of books and over a thousand comics. I love to cosplay for the Renaissance Festival every year and make my own costumes and props.

What is your favorite personality or cartoon character?

Xena. She kicks butt, and is very headstrong, but with a fun, sarcastic side. She is a true warrior princess and I grew up idolizing her.

What is the longest-shot item on your life’s bucket list? (the least likely to happen)

Backpacking through Europe. It has always been a dream to get a hiker’s backpack with tent and bed roll and just walk through Europe, mostly the countrysides and isles. I have always been in love with Ireland and Scotland with the rolling green hills.

If money were no object, what vehicle would be parked in your garage?

Pick-up truck with a fifth wheel camper attached. I love being outdoors and exploring new places. 

Krysten’s Co-workers have Great Things to Say About Her:

– “Krysten has a great, outgoing personality and is definitely a go-getter and self-starter. She adapts well to the environments around her and I really enjoy working with her. “ — Sarah McFadden

– “Krysten has an easy-going personality. She fits in well with our team here at Online-Access! “ — Natalia Polewska

– “She works hard, learns fast and is great with co-workers and clients alike. Can we clone her??” — Kerry Darden