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Volume 7 - January 2017
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Home Shows Without Boxes

By: Dave Squires, President, January 12, 2017

How to set-up, run, and have an enjoyable time putting on the easiest (and potentially most profitable) home show ever!

When it comes to contractors and running booths at home shows, the old catch phrase, "ready… fire… aim!" is typically appropriate. I can't tell you how many home shows I've attended, where a contractor's 'go-to' plan consists of attempting to stuff his booth with more equipment and accessories than any of the other contractors attending the show. The goal being to somehow better impress the maybe 50 odd people (out of the 10,000 or more homeowners that will attend) who actually realize their equipment is old, and plan on changing it that year. The problem is that even if having a 10' x 20' booth stuffed with more equipment than is usually found in a small high-rise somehow gets those 50 people who actually come looking for new equipment quotes to stop—they are the very same people who will stop at every contractor's booth in the show and ask them for a quote as well. This is not what I would refer to as a "target-rich" environment when what little game there is available is setting up appointments with every other hunter in the woods to 'take a shot' at


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Do You Have More Domain Names than You Need?

By: Kerry Darden, Marketing and Administrative Support Specialist, January 18, 2017

Evaluating your domain name ownership to work smart and save money

We often have people ask us about owning multiple domains. Some have amassed a deep and broad assortment. They want to know if they should keep all the domains they've acquired. If you're not sure why you have domains you've registered, it's probably a good time to stop and assess. An even better time would be before you buy, but sometimes it feels good to hold your options if you're not sure. It's just that it can get costly and often for little, if any, benefit.

What's important to know is that more domain names is not necessarily (or even usually) better. In fact, in many, if not most, cases, one well-chosen domain name that is consistently promoted is all a company needs.

Even if you have several domains, for search engine optimization reasons, you work smartest by choosing one to be your primary domain. If you've been online for a while, this will be the one that you've used longest and most consistently. Ideally, it will reflect your company name and include keywords like heating, cooling, air conditioning, plumbing, etc. It doesn't matter if your domain name is long due to such keywords.

Funneling all traffic intended for your site to one well-seasoned, keyword-rich domain will help your website's search engine visibility. If you own multiple domains, they should all be set to permanently forward, or redirect, website traffic to the one you choose as your primary domain (also known as the 'resolving' domain because it is the address at which the site ultimately appears no matter which domain you used to get there). The reason for this is that redirected domains do not, themselves, acquire any 'seasoning', or search…

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

By: Mitch Ortenburg, SEO Specialist, January 18, 2017

Using Negative Reviews as an opportunity to improve your brand perception? — Yes, it's completely doable.

Few things can be as frustrating and infuriating as seeing a negative review of your company online. While it's not anything you think you'd ever want to look forward to, it can be something beneficial for your company. I'd like to show you how to respond to a review and why it can actually turn out to be a good thing. Here's a few things to keep in mind that'll help you help yourself.
  1. Attitude – Keep your attitude in check during the entire process. Things said and done in the heat-of-the-moment are likely the wrong ones.
  2. Understanding – Seek to understand before responding. You may be able to reconcile things with the customer and have them retract their review.
  3. Respond – If reconciliation (where they retract the review) isn't an option, reply.
Attitude – This is really where it all begins. Understandably, you won't like seeing a negative review out there for your company. You take pride in what you do and you're ready to passionately defend it. However, gaining control of your emotions will help you to think rationally about the entire situation and will help you going forward. Don't let the bad review turn your pride and passion against you. Keep the “long-game” in mind. Your response will influence how future prospective customers see you, no different than the review itself. Your response means a great deal - more than you probably know. I'll get
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